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Empower your friends and family to recommend your Shopify products with Rifu

  Turn your existing customers into a salesforce

  Allow Influencers to promote your products, but you only pay for actual sales

Collect qualified reviews from actual customers

  Easily build your affiliate network

So you have created your products and set up your store – now it’s a case of getting customers, but where do you turn?

A costly marketing campaign?

A stream of Social Ads?

Maybe you should take a course on SEO?

We were tired of marketing solution after marketing solution too!

We thought wouldn’t it be awesome if you  only paid for marketing after you have made a sale?

It’s why we built Rifu.

With Rifu you can finally turn those loyal customers, friends and family into your very own sales force.

Every time they make you a sale. Rifu rewards them according to a rate you set. You are in complete control of your acquisition costs, and how many sales you want.

Easily track recommendations in the your user dashboard, so you can focus on the marketing that works.


Rifu is Free for the first 30days, $29 a month there-after, cancel anytime

Rewards are only charged when you make sales and only for products you’ve imported into Rifu

Here's how it works, In 3 Easy Steps!



1. Easily import your Shopify products direct to the app

2. Set the total reward that you are happy to pay to acquire a new customer

3. Let contacts know you are rewarding recommendations

Join the movement. Join the Rifulution.