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For Influencers, Rifu is completely FREE.



For Businesses, make your first sale, then it’s £10 per month to the community fund.


*easily earn back your costs, see tips below…


Make your first sale in just two steps:

Step 1: Create your page, offers, and loyalty cards.

Manage reviews, track activity and gauge your marketing success through the Rifu platform. 

Step 2: Set your rewards.

Set a financial reward for each offer to incentivise Influencers (that’s everybody), to share and promote your business to their friends, family, and followers.

You can make your offer more attractive by adding a perk or a discount if you wish, however not required!

Try as many offers as you like and only pay when you convert. 

After your first sale, it’s just £10 a month + plus any rewards due. Pause at any time.

Valuable tips for Influencers & Business Owners

1. Get rewarded.

Invite Businesses to Rifu and earn £5 a month from the community fund, paid to you when they make their first sale

2. Setting your reward.

Unsure how much? We recommend a figure of around 10-30% of the value of the product or service.

3. Help your community thrive.

Whether you’re a business owner or an Influencer, we are all influential, so get rewarded for recommending offers.

4. Thank you for helping to grow the Rifulution.

When you invite someone to Rifu, every offer they recommend can generate revenue for you.

Join the movement.

Join the Rifulution.