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Here at Rifu, we love networking.

We learn, we trust, we purchase – it’s that simple!

Here at Rifu, we love networking. In fact, we believe networking is the best way to grow any business because we know people like buying from people they trust. By networking we learn, we trust, we purchase – it’s that simple!


And so, what if there was a way to monetise those very connections we’ve worked hard to make? What if we could do so much more to help the network itself, the companies and their owners – our local business community? What if there was a real motivation to attend networking events, even without our own business?


Well, in short, there is a way to do all these things. Rifu is a new, innovative and intuitive platform that brings word-of-mouth recommendations into the 21st century by turning everyone into a marketer, or – in pop-culture terms – an ‘influencer’. 

With Rifu, any business owner can quickly become an influencer. We all have the power to influence, so let’s put it to good use. 


Getting started with Rifu is simple – it’s easy to set up, completely free and you can start earning rewards right away. When you’re ready to shine a light on your business, it’s simply a case of uploading your company details to the Rifu platform.


To host a business page there’s nothing to pay until you make your first sale. After that, it’s £30+VAT per month. You create your listing, showcasing everything you do, with information about your products or services, pictures and links to your website and social channels. And then you just need to add your rewards to the products or services you want to sell. Once that’s done, share your listing with your network and they’ll bring new customers to you!

Things get even more exciting when you start inviting your fellow businesses to the platform. You see, the premise of Rifu is to make word-of-mouth a tangible marketing channel, so it’s only appropriate for us to incentivise the growth of the platform. For every business you invite, we’ll pay you £15 a month every month*.


So, next time you’re networking, be sure to invite your fellow businesses to the Rifu platform – it could lead to another sale, a new customer or extra cash in your pocket – the potential is limitless.


*The business you invite must make its first sale to start a subscription and, for each month their subscription is live, you’ll earn £15. It’s a real incentive to put your influence to good use while helping your local business community increase their own sales.

Valuable tips for Influencers & Business Owners

1. Get rewarded.

Invite Businesses to Rifu and earn £15 a month from the community fund, paid to you when they make their first sale

2. Setting your reward.

Unsure how much? We recommend a figure of around 10-30% of the value of the product or service.

3. Help your community thrive.

Whether you’re a business owner or an Influencer, we are all influential, so get rewarded for recommending offers.

4. Thank you for helping to grow the Rifulution.

When you invite someone to Rifu, every offer they recommend can generate revenue for you.

Join the movement.

Join the Rifulution.