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Frequently Asked Questions

At Rifu, we believe in the power of community.

With our revolutionary platform, you can support the local products and services you trust, help strengthen connections within your area and get rewarded in the process.

For Users

How much does it cost to use Rifu as a user?

Absolutely nothing! As a standard user, you provide value to the network simply by recommending amazing offers and inviting new users onto the platform.

How do I create a user account?

Just click on the ‘sign up’ button and enter your details in the appropriate fields. It is entirely up to you how much detail you go into on your profile, just remember that as your profile can only be seen if you share it with your community, it is important that visitors to your page trust you and what you are sharing. You can even link your Facebook and Instagram account for verification purposes.


When registering a user account, what does the field ‘connected by’ mean?

This refers to the person who invited you to Rifu, who will receive rewards every time you earn. Likewise, anyone that you invite to Rifu will help you earn rewards every time they redeem an offer.

Can I use my standard user account for business purposes?

Yes! There are many ways to use your Rifu account for business purposes. Look out for our regular blog posts on how Rifu can benefit you and your business.

Can I invite my friends to Rifu?

Of course, the more the merrier! Rifu is about creating a community of local people all working together for a brighter financial future. And, when you invite someone to Rifu, you automatically earn a connection, allowing you to help each other earn rewards.

Can I invite businesses to Rifu?

Yes, absolutely! What’s more, for every new business you invite to the platform, you can claim £15 a month from the community fund. 



Why should I make a business account?

A Rifu business account allows you to share your amazing products and services with a larger network of potential customers, giving your connections the opportunity to recommend offers with your community.

Can I sign up with a business account?

Of course! Just create a user account first, then create a business account from there. You can find the create a business button in the menu.

What is the difference between a local business and an online business?

A local business is one that has a physical presence, offering over-the-counter or in-person products and services. At the moment, online businesses are restricted to Shopify online, but we plan to expand into other platforms in the near future. Stay tuned for updates soon!

How much does it cost to use Rifu?

As a business owner, you set out the reward amount you are happy to pay for each sale.  This reward is shared between the community that has helped you make that sale.

After your first sale, pay £30+vat into the community fund: this also helps fund additional user rewards,  charity donations and network growth. 

For more information, see our pricing page.



What is a reward?

A reward is a financial incentive for recommending or redeeming an offer through Rifu, set by the business that has created the offer.

What does ‘cashback’ mean?

Cashback is a reward received by the customer for redeeming an offer and is set at 40% of the total value of the reward set by the business.

How do I withdraw my earnings?

Just head to the Rifu Bank in the user toolbar. Once you have connected your PayPal account, you can choose to withdraw your funds whenever you like. If you do not yet have a PayPal account, you can create one here.

Why do I have to wait 30 days to withdraw my funds?

It’s important that we allow businesses a full 30 days for refunds and chargebacks. Once this period is over, you are free to withdraw your funds.